Data Analysis and Visualization for both 2D & 3D datasets

  • Complex data sets become manageable through an intuitive GUI that simplifies tasks such as smoothing, interpolation, and single-function fitting.
  • Simulate multi-component models, adjust parameters in real-time, and fit your existing data to these models with ease.

  • Ability to create 3D OBJ models from your data, making it suitable for integration into various office applications.

  • PY3DATA is integrated with Virtual and Augmented Reality platforms and fully compatible with 3D printers, further enhancing the scope and interactivity of your data visualization and analysis.

Experience data analysis and visualization

made simple, effective, and versatile with our software

Construct multi component complex models and simulate data for any given data intervals, linear and exponential. Possibility to fit an existing data to constructed models and import, export fit parameters.

(Click on the images for simulation)

3D OBJ - Data

(Virtual&Augmented Reality)

3D OBJ - Image

(Virtual&Augmented Reality)

Py3Machine - Text

Py3Machine - Image